As a healthcare professional, your patients go through their scariest moments at your medical facility. Your hospital, lab, clinic, or office gives life saving treatments they’ll forever appreciate. Your career is highly rewarding, but it also comes with risks you need to keep in mind if you’re looking to start a medical construction job.

If your healthcare facility needs a facelift, you can trust Hayco. Show your patients they’re in good hands as soon as they walk through your door.

Hayco can handle any medical project, including new construction and medical upfits.

Hayco has extensive healthcare construction experience. We’ve worked with major companies in the healthcare industry like Cone Health and LabCorp and and earned special qualifications needed for medical construction.

Contagious patients come in and out of your medical facility’s door on a day to day basis. Infectious disease particles can lurk in the structure of your building, even become embedded in your drywall.

When that drywall comes down, infectious dust can be released into the air. You need a contractor who knows how to contain those dust particles and make sure you, your patients, and your team are not at risk of infection!

Infectious Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) Certification

As an experienced medical contractor, Hayco is ICRA certified. In addition, all Hayco field and management staff are Certified Healthcare Managers through the Construction Infection Control Training Institute (CICTI), an ICRA training consultant in South Carolina. More and more healthcare industry professionals are requiring ICRA certification for their medical contractor. It’s a new industry standard. And you shouldn’t entrust your medical construction project to a contractor without the necessary qualifications.

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Our construction techniques change based on which specialty units you need us to work on. Your emergency room is going to need different disease control measures than your operating room. We’ll determine what level of disease control measures we implement for your safety.

For example, a pediatric cancer center will have more strict control protocols because of its patients’ low immune systems. Your standard family practice office will have a lower risk, but will still require special precautions to ensure safety.

We learned how to properly assess risk through our ICRA certification. With our demonstrated experience in the healthcare field, we guarantee you a cutting-edge facility designed and constructed safely around you and your patients.

Through ICRA training, our medical contractors learn how to:

  • Secure your job site to protect your patients and visitors
  • Contain infectious contaminants released during medical construction
  • Clean up your site effectively after the project is finished

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