Commercial Upfit

Commercial Upfit

We have extensive experience in commercial upfits in a variety of industries, and we possess the necessary skills to make your space perfect for your business.

If you’ve just bought a commercial space, or you need to make changes to your existing workplace, you want it to be perfectly suited to your company. You can upgrade to meet industry codes, add comfortable features for employees and customers, and improve the look and feel of your commercial facility. Turn your visitors into clients with an impressive commercial space on the cutting edge of your field.

We’ll create a great workspace whether it’s a...

  • Medical facility
  • Financial building
  • Educational institution
  • Small retail store
  • Office building
  • Or any commercial building!

During the construction process, we listen to you. We’ll work your upfit job around your needs.  Whether you have tons of ideas on how to make your space great or you need guidance, Hayco will keep you as involved as you want to be from day one.

We work hard to stay within your commercial upfit budget using a method called Value Engineering.

Sometimes, your budget doesn’t cover everything you need for your commercial upfit. We provide voluntary deductions to reduce the cost of construction and stay within your budget.

For example, at the start of a project we may initially plan on using a certain manufacturer that turns out to be outside of your budget. When we learn we need to cut costs, we’ll do our research to find materials of equal or superior quality for a reduced cost. We view your budget as a fixed guideline, we won’t work outside of it.

We want to build a relationship with you lasting longer than your commercial upfit. After your project is complete, we’ll follow up with you and make sure your new space is making your job easier and keeping your clients happy.

Ready to update your facility? We’ll give you a workspace you’re excited to work in!

Call Hayco today and let’s get to work.

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