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Fans and players at East Surry High School will soon be able to enjoy a new concession stand to benefit baseball, softball, and tennis games. This field house and concession stand has been in planning for several years. Hayco Construction is proud to have been selected to complete this project, which broke ground earlier this [...] Read more
We have all heard the design and construction woes of trying to build a new structure, be it a home or business. Nightmarish stories about contractors and designers blaming one another for overrunning the budget and timelines not being met. This process not only causes a headache for the owner, but makes all involved parties [...] Read more
New mandatory rules will soon apply to every site that handles hazardous drugs. The U.S. Pharmacopeial (USP) released General Chapter 800 within USP-797 in order to ensure that hazardous drugs are handled properly. This general chapter provides protections for health care workers, including pharmacists, against residual exposure in health care facilities. These new mandatory USP [...] Read more
A progress shot of Dr. Teoh’s office renovation in Greensboro. Contractors always face certain risks on the job. The walls of your office can contain all sorts of dangerous chemicals that are harmful to both you and your contractor. For example, lead paint and asbestos are major concerns that your contractor can encounter unexpectedly. These [...] Read more
The thought of working in a construction zone is more than a little intimidating. Renovating your workspace is difficult, and it’s even harder when you need to keep your business up and running during the process. Working through the construction noise and around the specific areas you are renovating will be an inconvenience, but by [...] Read more