Building Relationships.

The strengths of your company should be obvious from the moment a client walks through your doors. No matter what industry you’re in, you should have a modern, high end workplace you can be proud of.

Even if you’ve got the best team, the best values, and the best customer service, an outdated commercial facility gives you a bad image. Invest in cutting-edge construction that exceeds your industry’s standards and let your facility reflect the quality of your business.

Hayco Construction, LLC, is a North Carolina-based general contractor. We have expertise in a variety of fields, from general construction to specialized experience with healthcare, airport, education, and industrial projects. Whatever you’re looking for, we can work with you to create the perfect facility for you.

Hayco was founded in the shadow of the recession of 2008. Without our hard work and competitive prices, we wouldn’t have made it through such a difficult time and be where we are today.

But what keeps us going strong is our dedication to building a relationship with you, our client.

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We work with you to implement your ideas and construct a commercial facility to fit your wants and needs. Let our dedicated team create your ideal workplace for you. You’ll receive individualized care a large, corporate contractor simply can’t match. We pride ourselves on our client-centered approach to construction. You’ll have our support through the entire construction process from the moment you come up with your first idea. You’ll even hear from us after your project is complete to make sure your new or upgraded space is perfect for you. Your comfort is our priority.

You have a vision for your commercial facility. Let Hayco Construction make it a reality.

No matter what your commercial facility needs, we can help. From medical projects, to general construction, to commercial renovations and upfits, we’ve got you covered.

Services that we offer

  • Design-Build
  • General Construction
  • Commercial Upfit
  • Healthcare
  • Aviation
  • Industrial
  • Educational


Our design-build method prioritizes you in the construction process. With one single contract, you won’t have to juggle communications and details between multiple companies for different phases of construction. The whole process is simpler, leaving you with less to worry about. Design-build cuts costs and shortens timelines so you’ll be back to normal faster without all the complications.

General Construction

Hayco Construction is a licensed general contractor with a wide range of technical skills. We’re experts in specialty construction in the medical, aviation, educational, and industrial fields. You’ll see the difference our experience makes. Your new construction or renovation will give any visitor an excellent impression of your enterprise.

Commercial Upfit

As a business owner, you expect your new commercial space to be perfectly tailored to your industry standards. And you want it to look good, too! Whether you’ve just purchased your new commercial space or you want to update your current building, Hayco Construction will customize your workplace just for your business’ requirements.


You can trust Hayco with your healthcare construction project. Our Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) certified technicians will stop infectious disease particles from spreading, which is a dangerous safety issue during medical construction. Your staff and your patients will stay protected from disease and infection with Hayco Construction!


Travelers and pilots rely on your airport every day to get them where they need to go. The high traffic areas of your airport need to be safe enough for pilots to land and takeoff, and efficient enough for the passengers who come in and out on a tight schedule.

There are federal rules and regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) your contractor must follow when working on an airport construction project. We have relevant experience working for aviation companies like Honda Jet and Haeco. No matter what kind of airport construction you need, you can count on Hayco for expert skill earned through experience.


Your industrial facility is hazardous enough to outsiders without all the complications of a construction zone. For everyone’s safety, the massive scale and dangerous conditions of your facility shouldn’t be left to a contractor with no industrial experience.

Hayco Construction has worked in high risk industrial areas, including combustible environments. We know the protocols necessary for your plant to stay operational. We don’t want you to lose out on revenue, so Hayco will implement extra safety precautions if your industrial plant needs to stay open during construction. Trust our knowledgeable experts to give you the best construction experience.


A well-designed, state-of-the-art educational building is a great way to help your students feel at ease and encourage learning. We can do our job while your school stays open, but you don’t want just any random construction crew working at your school building.

Instead, choose a trusted name in education construction. Hayco will secure our job site so your students don’t get anywhere near the hazards of a construction zone. And when everything’s complete, you’ll finally have an updated learning facility to help your students excel.


Are you ready to take the next step in making your commercial facility the best it can be?

Start building, renovating, or updating your facility with Hayco Construction.

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